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JENCY released a new album entitled “Original”! This is the author’s “self-published” first album.

 Jency’s “Original ” album, as the title indicates, refers to the original style of  Jency’s songs.

The author and artist Jency and his sister Dea, spent 10 years in Italy, where by collaboration, with famous musicians like. Gigi D’Agostino, popularized songs in Italian. This new album contains so in Jency’s presentation, the song “Io ti trovero,” in Italian, and the song “Dolce tempo” wich evocats the atmosphere and language of the Italian Renaissance, interpreted by Jency and Dea in duet. From the two songs was made two video clips wich can be viewed on the Youtube channel on the link “Jency-Official”.

The album wants to satisfy the needs of the Hungarian and International audiences, so for this reason,  was included among the Hungarian version titled „Szeress ha mersz”,the English version of the song titled “My Sunshine”.

The original compositions, truly reflects the author’s original.world of feeling and sound.

He wrote The songs in pop style and interpreted in solo or in duet with Deá, as in the song “The Last Day of Summer”, in which Dea performed the Hungarian folk music by the wonderful sound of the “Spring Wind water flooded”.

The album included a highly successful adaptation numbers of songs as Gábor Presser’s “Inhuman song” or the song of Alan Edward Gorrie’s composition titled on the album as”Io ti trovero”, and Nana Hey Goodbye hits from the 70’s.

1.    Io Ti Trovero (JENCY)  02:36
2.    Dolce Tempo (JENCY feat. DEA)  03:15
3.    Szeress Ha Mersz (JENCY)  03:54
4.    The Passion (JENCY)  03:42
5.    Embertelen Dal  (JENCY) 02:42
6.    The Last Day of Summer “Tavaszi Szél” (JENCY feat.DEA) 03:40
7.    My Sunshine (JENCY) 03:54
8.    Nana Hey Goodbye  (JENCY)  03:35
9.    Love Is In The Sky (JENCY feat. DEA) 03:01


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JENCY’s new album available for download on iTunes !


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In the mid nineties, Jency co-founded the trio KOOL. The band appeared on CDs by BMG record label and has achieved great success among the youth by the song “Here you have a party”. The success was followed by plenty of action throughout the country.

The band stood out in particular, by the acrobatic dance studio belong theatrical nature that was peppered with Skate Show!

At the end of the nineties, he founded the ensemble Remix, which was also a duo and published by BMG record label a new album,  titled “Life is about you.”

The song ” Life is about you,” was very popular both in Budapest and int he country clubs. On the actions, the fans composed mostly from girls, knew the lyrics by heart and sang the music togather with the boy band. There have been nationwide popularity of the Boy Band.

At the beginning of the last decade the band broke up by mutual agreement. Jency decided to try his luck abroad, he moved to Italy, notably in Milan to conquer the international music market.

Luckily he managed to sign a record deal with the disc publisher Gigi D’Agostino who had great internationally reaching success. The reconstituted remix song, was the song tittled „Parole Parole”, which landed straight into the top of  the charts. This also turned their attention to the Milan clubs and concert opportunities insured.

During the 10-year-old stay-out on a lot of songs where published, including the “Spring Wind” dance version, a duet interpreted with his sister, Dea wich has great popularity in the radio charts all over Italy.

Otherwise Jency in his childhood traveled a lot due to the fact that his parents worked in missions around the world, so Jency speaks six languages,

The father is theoretical physicists, and mother biologists.  His scientist parents made including diplomatic work carried out in Morocco, in Casablanca, where Jency spent years with his family and attended French schools.

Returning from Italy to Hungary, he built his own recording studio and began composing new songs for the first album.titled “Original”, appeared in 2016, which published the disc by his own publisher. The record label called D-Line Records Ltd.

The disk born and the debut song is none other than “Io ti trovero,” which is a world famous hit single processing of video clips from eighties as well.

Jency childhood photos .

Morocco, sitting on a humped camel 🙂

púpos teve

Jency  Karate Kid  🙂

junior judo champ at the age of 13

karate kid nagy

Jency Spain. No Tocar -Don’t Touch.

0no tocar

Jency Rap Era , formerly Electric Boogie and Break Dance competition winner.

rap korszak


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